How to handle Fatal error in Wordpress " allowed memory size of bytes exhausted"

hello members ,

Wordpress is considered is most reliable CMS platform, these days I am facing big problem. I need to plant some extra plugins, but when i installed plugins , my site went down and shows " allowed memory size of bytes exhausted" .

Then I searched in many forums for this query. But I can’t sort it out. I don’t know very much about site building.

I had already worked on properly wp-settings, wp-config.php, .Ht acccess file.

My host provider is not ready to give me php.ini file. Its there any other solution you can suggest.

I need to sort it out as soon as possible .

You could ask them to increase your memory limit. I asked for this on behalf of a client and the web host doubled the memory limit.

Sometimes you might be able to get lucky and have them boost you a little on memory, but for the most part hosting companies are going to limit how much word press is aloud on their side. If i were you I’d run some diagnostics on what plug ins are using x amount of memory thats tipping you over the edge and disable them, a lot of times I see things running in the background that aren’t needed/utilized that continuously will spam errors on their site.