Fatal error: Allowed memory size of

Hello all - I’ve got a problem with a site that was built in .php by an external developer (I know ****-all about .php)

It has a custom CMS that the user can upload docs via. They’ll upload fine, then out of the blue, one doc upload will bomb out and the following error is displayed:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 600 bytes) in .../.../.../CPages.class.php on line 225

I’ve checked the error logs and it references something called ‘Fancybox’ a hell of a lot - anyone know what this is referencing?

Can anyone shed any light onto why we keep getting this error?

cheers all :slight_smile:

When the error is coming up, is the document that the user is trying to upload significantly bigger in size (file size) then the majority of documents that get uploaded?

I honestly don’t know - I’ll ask the client. Would it be an issue if it was?

If the Cpages file is attempting to load the entire document’s contents into memory, then yes, it certainly could be an issue if the document is so large that it bogs PHP’s alloted memory.

The error seems to indicate that -something- rather large was loaded into memory (or a LOT of little things. Possibly an infinite loop.), and then something small (600 bytes) was tacked on…

Have you looked at the offending line?

Yep all of the above, I also had the same issue a while ago on a page that was uploading and thumbnailing images, occasionally the thumbnail script was missing a beat and allowing a full sized image through, which was crashing the memory allowance on a display page further down the site. FYI