Big size file upload problem in PHP


My server has CentOS, Apache and PHP.
I have set all required parameters in php.ini to handle big size file uploads (post_max_size, memory_limit, timeouts etc.)

But, still the script doesn’t accept a file more than 5MB. On bigger uploads, it returns error 7 (Unable to write to disk).
I have set 777 permissions on my temporary folder (/opt/php) and during upload, I do see temporary file through my FTP. But, once it reaches 5MB, temporary file disappears and script shows error 7.

I increased timeout value in httpd.conf and set following too,

<Directory "/opt/php">
     LimitRequestBody 10485760

But, no success.

Please help.


“script shows error 7”… error 7 to what? Function? Apache? PHP?


Sorry for late response.

The temporary directory was out of quota. I set a new directory path in php.ini and upload is working fine.
Thanks for your inputs.

Weird part is, I am able to upload big size files through FTP in the directory (/opt/php) which says “Out of quota”.