How to get traffic from Google+

I have created google + business page.I dont know how to promote my page…Our site is related to realestate…So is it advisable to post a property details daily in facebook,twitter,google+…
or can i post other general information also…
pls sugest to improve my social media network…
awaiting for your replies…

Hi you should first build a strong relationship with your communities and groups .Once you get more friends then automatically your traffic rate will increase.

For link building most necessary is to build good relationship with the groups and communities after that you will automatically gets back links.


Peter has a very good point. First I would concentrate on building a network by sharing using content. People follow accounts because they offer something. This could be interesting or helpful content. Once you have a following, start sharing links to your site. It is preferable to have a blog that also offers useful content. You can then share posts to that on social networks. If people like your blog and layout, they will also visit your website.
Here are some other ideas,

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Use specific keywords on which you want to gain traffic
Share unique and quality content
Add yourself to different circles on Google +

you need to do some bookmarking in websites like stumbleupon folkd dilicious digg

You will get traffic from G+ the same as you would get from any other social network like Facebook, etc. That means promoting your page, creating a community, getting lots of friends/followers and visitors will follow. But first you must create that relationship between you and the potential customers. Post interesting new articles/photos every day so that people will like your content and will get more people.

Now a days social medias are so powerful for traffic. So you can apply social bookmarking , add to Facebook, twitter, linked in etc. For more link building or traffic you can make pages web 2.0 link building.

you can post general information about property purchase. you can also provide tips

Make interaction with a group then post relevant information about your site for which you want to get higher ranking so that others can get knowledge from that content and visit to your site also provide a link of your site…

Try to use any free/premium software that can fetch most number of email id from all social site or you can say just fetch active mail id.Send request to those email-ids for adding your pages for better deals and services.But initially try to fetch those active ID which are related to real estate or social media marketing of real estate.

You can also tell to your friend to promote your webpage in their own circle.

  1. Fill out your About section completely. Include targeted keywords on your description section. Well, that’s about it with the tricks.
  2. The rest is all to do with the quality of content and interaction. The better your content and the more you interact with others, the better your traffic. It’s no secret. Content and interaction is everything wherever you are - facebook, twitter, G+ etc

You can get traffic from the Google+ by posting interesting contents, images and videos, joining the groups and building relationships with the members, sharing the content and getting the followers.

promote your page to social networks and bookmarking sites. If you can create press releases about your site, then go ahead. One most important thing is to create a blog on your site. This would make your site relevant in terms of providing useful info regarding real estate. You can target various keywords and turn that into articles. With this, you can get traffic based on the keys you’ve written.

Build your group then share information regularly…Stay active which is more than enough to build a group in Google+

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