How to get threads / posts from my hacked forum? vbleecher script or another way?


I had a forum hacked (On 3.7) and the only full backup (And database…) that I have is corrupt…

I did also pay for a backup server but then found out my host wasn’t doing the backups!

Anyway…I wanted to know if there is some way I can get the content from my site again?
I actually have a few forums that are lost but there is 1 specifically that I would like to get the content again.

Does anyone know how I can do it?
I have been searching online for a long time and the only thing I can find is by using a leecher script and copy the content from

Hopefully someone can help, its a lot of work lost and not the first time it has happened :frowning:

What was hacked? The database, the www folder, or both? If it was only the www folder that was hacked, you can probably recover the database (though I’d inspect it throughly and change all the passwords and whatnot).

I would also think about changing hosts or asking for some serious compensation. It sounds like they might not be giving you what you paid for.

I feel your pain. I recently had two of my sites hacked and redirects scripts were inserted everywhere. I am with Hostgator, I got in-touch with support and they removed all the harmful code and cleaned up my sites. This took them less than 30 mins. I was super impressed. If you do change hosting I highly recommend Hostgator (I am not affiliated with them in anyway)

There is also a company called they are meant to be good at getting your site cleaned and sorted but they charge $89 a year, but, they might be your only option. There are some nightmare stories out-there. I hope you get it sorted.