Hacked Web Hosting Forum - What To Do?

Good Morning. I have a Web Hosting Forum running vBulletin that has been hacked: www.HostBoards.com
Any advice on how to repair and prevent this in the future would be appreciated.

Has anyone heard of this group, V!RuS_BaGhDaD? Is this just kids having fun?

Thank you

I’m afraid I can’t offer advice, only sympathy. I had three sites hacked a while back, and I know how it feels.

A quick search for V!RuS_BaGhDaD produced a good number of results - all apparently hacked sites, so you’re certainly not the only victim. Given that, I’m sure there must be information about them somewhere, but I’m too much of a novice at this to know where. You might want to think about asking in the security section of the forum.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, misery loves company so that’s a plus :smiley:

It’s unlikely your forum was targeted specifically - it’ll have shown up on google as being vulnerable or may have been found in a random sweep by a bot.
Ideally you want to find the point of entry, to stop it happening again. Chances are, an out of date installation of the main application, or possibly a plugin. You may be able to find the entry point by examining your access logs for malformed urls.
If you have a recent backup, install that and immediately upgrade all the relevant software to its latest version. Other than that you’d have to reinstall a fresh install and reimport your post data (presuming they haven’t corrupted post data) or painstakingly go through files to remove any alterations which is only an option if you’re a coder.