How to get started in the business?

Hello everyone,

I am currently in school for an associates in IT with a programming emphasis and I need some advice. I will be graduating in a year and what I would truly love to do is get into web development. My issue though is how to go about it. I have been looking at job listings however many of them require experience and an extensive skills list that can be quite intimidating at times.

My formal education as far as web development goes is somewhat limited, since it is not a discipline that is explicitly offered at my school. For the most part I am self taught and enjoy working on frontend/backend development more than design work. Currently I am teaching myself symfony2 which I am really enjoying. I would love to find a place that would allow me to apprentice so that I could gain more practical experience in an actual work environment, however, where in live South Carolina is primarily a tourist destination and somewhat of a tech industry dead zone. Can you offer an advice on how to get into the field?

These are a couple of my projects. First is a modx project that I started over the summer here I am currently in the process of porting it to symfony2. Another website that is a temporary placeholder for a larger school project that I am working on for a local elementary school, It’s currently being written with Symfony2 and will allow students to view and manipulate weather data that they gather using their own weather station at the school.

Well,starting a business means starting a new concept or innovative idea…Business means offering a product or service in return to profit…The key areas of focus while starting a business are:

  • Source of Capital.
  • The location of the business.
  • Decision regarding the product or service offered.
  • How to advertise or market the product.

For starting the business, it involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities.There are certain steps that are require to be followed while starting up a new business which includes to write up a new business plan, to get a business assistance and training, to choose a correct location, to finance the business concerned, to determine the legal structure of the business, to get a tax identification number, to register for State and Local taxes, to obtain business licenses and permits and finally to understand employer responsibilities.

I agree with transcribe. I think she missed a point that you should determine the market and buying behavior of customers at the early stage.

To start a business calculated working capital and good management are must. As you are a IT graduate you can be a freelancer to entrepreneur.
Good luck.


I think everybody has missed the point. :rolleyes:

JeremyC is not asking how to start a business, but how to get into web development:


Do you want to do freelance, work for a company doing web development (think IT shop), consulting, or what?

I’ve done both, and ultimately decided I enjoyed working for a company than doing freelance.

If you want to do freelance, then you will have a LOT of work ahead of you (most of what was stated below, will still apply to you). You will need to target a specific market, reach out to them, give presentations on your services, why the services are meaningful and what you bring that others do not, etc. It takes time and a lot of effort, but many people enjoy it. I did not, so I won’t focus on that aspect.

If you want to work for another company and do web development for said company (and/or consulting), then you need to shift your focus on job searching. Find out what companies are hiring, what skill sets they want in their ideal candidate. If you are not that familiar with all of the skill sets, APPLY ANYWAY! Why? To learn and to practice at interviewing. You will be amazed how many questions are similar between each interview, the more you go on, the better you will become at answering those questions.

Do your research too! Go into every interview with a set of questions about the company and facts that you found in your research (their recent annual profit, estimated number of employees they currently hire, their target market, etc). The more you can tell them about their company, the better you look. Ask questions about the job and/or the company direction (so long as its applicable). Ask about the development environment, QA process, collection of business requirements, etc. Ask whether the company ever plans to expand their target market to other groups (if they currently focus on a specific group). Ask the interviewer’s experience with the company.

When you interview, you have to show interest in that company, and you need to make it obvious that the company intrigues you. That is what will set you apart from everyone else. After you interview, wait a day or two and send a thank you letter. Thank them for taking the time out to interview, reiterate the fact that you are still very much interested in the open job position (if you are, if you are not, feel free to thank them and politely state you are no longer interested). Refer back to conversations you and the interviewer had (especially if you got to a point where you seemed to be talking on a personal level). Build that relationship with this letter.

Hi there, The best way to get into the job or business is to find a good job in development through on campus placement or off-campus, doesn’t matters. When you have a job and spend some time there gaining practical knowledge and some earning too then you can plan for your own business in the same field.

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You’re right to say that the job requirements are quite intimidating, even for someone who has book knowledge as well as self taught skills. One route you could take would be to work very hard for the next couple of years doing freelance work and designing a variety of websites to get a strong portfolio. Then take that portfolio to a large company as proof that you know what you’re doing. It’s tough, but if you love it then it will be worth it.


I think odesk would be a good place to start as u r in it sector so you can build your network there and start working on some small projects .

In order to start your Business you should have the plan in maintaining the business with future assurance by investing you can’t earn the revenue because business leads the whole global market with technical knowledge you can became entrepreneur to run the business to an accurate solvency.