How to get slideshow to show first image when I first open the page?

Hi, I have just added a slideshow to my website using the code from here exactly

However when I go onto the page the slideshow images do not automatically show, but only the buttons so I have to press a button to get a picture to appear, how can I get the 1st picture in the slideshow to appear automatically?

Here’s how it shows when I first open the page:


Put the jq inside

$(document).ready(function() {


It doesn’t seem to be working, where do I put this?

Have you added a jq library in the head of your page?
if not add the below in the header…overkill but not sure what library would suit

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

then all the jq you copied from w3schools place inside the document.ready I previously put. And place all of that before your closing body tag

I have added a jquery library but my script is in a separate js file not in the html file.

the separate js file is included in the header of your html? It should be included after the library declaration

if so, add the document.ready code at the start of the included js file…closing brackets at the end obviously and try

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