Slideshow Not Starting

I am having the most frustrating time trying to get any sort of slideshow on this page to select the elements and start. I am trying to use this plugin:

Which seems simple enough, on my page here:

However, no matter what plugin I try, I can’t seem to get the thing to start. I have put the initialization in the header, and tried in the body, amongst other different things. Anyone see any apparent problem? Thanks.

One thing to watch out for is not to link to the jQuery library twice, which you’ve done in the <head> of the page. Try removing the second link to it.

You have a lot of scripts there, so there could be some conflict. What I normally do when using a script is firstly to set it up on a page with nothing else on it except the basic styling of the site. Once it’s working in that environment, I move it over to the page it will go on, so that if it doesn’t work, I know there’s something else going on.

Alos, I don’t see the script for that slideshow on your page anyway (unless I’m blind):

<script src="/js/slides.min.jquery.js"></script>