How to increase reddit comment karma?

I have heard about Reddit. This is a great source for generating traffic. Though I opened an account there already but the problem is I can’t increase the comment karma. What’s the better rules for increasing comment Karma?

i joined my favorite mobile games subs and answered some trouble users voila free comments karma and learned something new everyday from them also.

What do you suggest to increase comment karma?

Be interesting and involved in communities. But, especially be genuine. Reddit is mostly immune to gaming BS for purposes of marketing.

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All you have to do is to be active and communicative. There are no ways of increasing karma automatically.
Do posts, write comments, put upvotes and downwotes. The more active you’ll be the more karma you’ll get.
Good luck!

What exactly is Reddit comment karma?

Oddly enough, you can find the answer to that on Reddit:

Thanks @TechnoBear. I am going to check it out now.

Your comment karma only increases when people upvote the comments you make. Make your comments interesting and helpful so that people will upvote your comments.

Should I comment accordingly? Or some other info will be good to increase karma?

Making funny or informative comments is the best way. When and where you comment is more important than what.

Reddit can give you traffic
but it’s only when you understand:

  • the community rules.
  • How to bring real value to a specific community.

Don’t look for karma, try to understand what works in a specific subreddit by going to the top most viral posts in a specific subreddit. Once you understand what makes the community upvote, try to create similar content, but with your touch.

Good luck!

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