How to get more Review to my app

i need to review to my app but how i get more

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You might stand a better chance of getting some useful replies if you give a little more information, such as what kind of app it is. Are you looking for reviews on Google Play Store or somewhere else?

You can easily Get review a lot of review on your app page

You have to folloe these instruction

  1. go to facebook and search these query " app review exchange " Then you will find a bunch of groups and also Pages where you can get a lot reviews on your play store app

But keep Mention These things in your Mind :slight_smile:

  1. Do not go with 5 star Every Time
  2. always try to get a review from Mobile Devices
  3. Get review screen shoot
  4. Ask to review exchanger to put a real comment do not copy paste others comment and also do not post such like comment “very good ,awsome”

These comments are just nonsense nothing more that

I’m not sure if you’re looking for user reviews (= ratings) or professional reviews from the mobile blogosphere. In the second case, you’ll find a lot of small blogs who will surely review your app for free, if you kindly ask them. :slight_smile:

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