How to get full path of file?

hi, im new and just start learning php. i have a url encoded and not
able to find file path . im able to decode url but not able to find
original location of file . here is url of file

Well, it seems that you are intentionally not allowed to get the original location.

Most web-services do not reveal the original location to prevent abuse.

Exactly that.
The “file” file is using GET values to return the image.
What the actual source path of the image that “file” uses is unknown and not discoverable.

what for do you need the path to a file on anothers servers filesystem?

How do I create this kind of non-discoverable path for my images?

Put them outside of the root so they can’t be directly accessed using an HTTP request.

The PHP code, perhaps with conditionals in place, can access them using file functions and return the content.

Thanks! Searching “hide url of image” brought up some interesting posts.

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