How echo this

i don’t much about OOP
can somebody tell me
how to know the exact path of this url ?

when i right click on picture for view exact localtion in click on view image

i don’t get the path as mostly we got
i got
this link

this code show here

if (isset($_GET[‘picture’]) && isset($_GET[‘id’])) {

    header('Content-Type: image/gif');


} else {

etc etc…

i don’t know how to get the exact

scritp if freeware
url is this

but don’t know how to get picture URL :frowning:

anybody can help in this:sick:

It seems that the content (binary data) of the image is stored in the database field. If so you wouldn’t be able to know the exact path of the image since there is no images are stored in file system. Can you show us the script of $GLOBALS[‘operator’]->picture(addslashes($_GET[‘id’]) method of the class?