How to forward an mail, attcheing current page?

Hi all,
How to mail, by asking do you want to send this page as an email?
But this page is to be in pdf format…

Give me some idea…

Thanking you…

If you write PHP, you may have a quick solution to your problem by adding a bit of javascript and a PHP PDF library. DOM PDF is the best for something like this, as it will use your html and css to create a pdf. It has support for a lot of CSS fucntionality. Just google it and you will not be disappointed.

So the process will be, when your user clicks on a link/button, use javascript popups to ask them to confirm:

confirm(‘Are you sure you want to…’)

When they click yes, submit the inner HTML of your body, along side linking to your style sheet (see DOM PDF configuration) and you will be able to generate a pdf… that you can mail out.

Ok this is not quite as quick as I initially said, but it will work.