PHP script - automatic HTML 2 PDF convert and send as email attachment

As per thread title, I’m looking for a solution where a command button on a form will convert the current HTML web page to a PDF file and automatically open up the default email handling client program (Outlook in this case) with a new email message with the PDF file inserted as an attachment.

I know it can be done, and I know I’ve no clue as to how.

I think it’s an incredibly useful function and surely one others would be interested in.

Any ideas folks ?

The fpdf script at can be used to dynamically create pdfs. Under the script section you will find a link to a sourceforge project called html2fpdf, a php script based on fpdf, which can be used as it’s title says to convert html code to pdf. The created pdf can be outputted directly to the browers or saved to disk. Then you can use the mail() function to mail it.