How to fixed cart which is scrolling top to bottom of page

Here I am try to fixed cart but there is a problem it’s fixed but come over the footer like this:

Look it’s comes down in footer and I want to it where form is end please help me to fix this

Without seeing the full css and html it will be hard to give a definitive answer and it is also a little unclear what you want to happen but it sounds like you want a sticky cart and not a fixed positioned one.

Assuming you have fixed the cart try changing to position:sticky instead with a value of top:0. You will need the prefix for ios as well (position:-webkit-sticky).

Note that the parent of the sticky element will be the context for the area in which it remains sticky.

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Thank you so much It’s working
and Now I understand that without uploading the code it will not be a definitive answer
Once again thank you so much

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