How to do a Simple Query?


One thing I was thinking I could do but I’m not sure how is to some how put a bit of php code to see if the url has this in it “?i=WHATEVER” and if it has the “?i=WHATEVER” part in it then I would hide the slide show in the header on my website pages.

How could I do that please?

Here is the home page without the query in the url so on this page I would like the slide show to display like it is now.

In this page I would like the slide show to be invisable.

So a rough bit of code I’m going to start with is like this:

$getvar = "i"; ( I gather this is wrong)

<!-- then I DON't show the Slide Show-->
<?php } else;?>
<!-- then I show the Slide Show-->
<?php dynamic_content_gallery(); ?>
<?php endif;?>

ok, I worked it out

in the top of the page I put:

$varI = $_GET['i']; 

Then I used this to show or hide the slide show:

<?php if (empty($varI)) :?>    

Now I just need to format the HTML of the page where I hide it…

Ok I think I worked out how to find out if the URL has a query in it:

$varI = $_SERVER['i']; 

Now I’m just trying to work out how to write the "If "$varI “IS PRESENT” part…

if(isset($_GET['i']) AND $_GET['i'] == 'WHATEVER') {
   //i exists and it is 'WHATEVER'
else {
  //i wasn't there, or had another value