How to delete read-only files on a cd

I’m trying to delete files from a cd of mine that I use as a backup. However, I am told that I can’t delete the file because it is read-only.

I right click my mouse to tick off the read-only box and apply it to the files within that folder as well.

I proceed to try and delete again but am told that certain files within the folder is read-only.

Is there no way to get rid of these files?

CDs are sheets of metal with tiny impressions stamped into them glued onto a plastic circle. You can’t unstamp the metal by ticking off any boxes on your computer.

You can buy a CD burner and a CDRW (not CDR) disc and erase that though.

If you have important things you want to keep on a CD I would only use CDR, burn it once and that is that.

The CDRW are meant to be erased and recorded over, but there is a limit to how often you can do that and I just would not trust those with important stuff. There is another thing I read somewhere: In order to get a really good and clean burn the speed should be slow, like 2x – Datura :slight_smile:

I believe [but could be wrong] that CD-RW can be burned many times before experiencing any loss of quality. Most of these files are client files and design projects. I also upload them to a site for online storage.

Perhaps I should also get a USB memory card as well and won’t have the headaches that comes with CDs

Definitely. Everyone should have one, they’re so convenient and small. Watch SlickDeals a few days – you can always get one free or for a few bucks somewhere. OfficeDepot was selling a 512MB USB drive for $15 with a $15 mail-in rebate (making it free) yesterday.

Plus once you upgrade to Windows Vista, you can use flash drives as extra memory for your computer with ReadyBoost.

I would recommend that as well. With CDs you never know what you are getting, even the good ones have bad runs. And yes, you can erase and record again with the RWs, but there again, lifespan is iffy, would not trust it with important things – Datura :slight_smile: