How to create a VMDK file of a windows server 2008 install

Hi all,

I have a request from a client to develop an web application using windows server 2008 as the host server. They want me to send them a VMDK image of the server to boot/power up inside their own firewalled intranet. To save them having to configure a new server with all the correct php, iis settings etc.

My question is… what the best way to create this type of virtual disk image.
I been suggested VMware (but obviously there is a cost involved, and then I would need windows install disks)

I’m currently using AWS as my host provider, which offers VM import/export features but I still the VMDK file to start with

any ideas???

Have them send you a VMDK of a clean install of Windows Server 2008 (since you don’t have a license/seat for it), then import it into AWS, install PHP, configure IIS, etc. export it, and send it back.

Also, they may be willing to give you access tot he VM on their network thus alleviating the need to use AWS for this process.

Thanks cpradio, that’s what my initial reply to them was but I just wanted to explore any other options.
cheers for the reassurance though

You can probably script the basic setup using the web platform installers command line interface rather than building a whole VM.

I know I wouldn’t trust some outside developer’s VM on my network anyhow. You also run into golden image issues.