How to choose the right PHP Framework?


I’m a PHP Pro, but haven’t use any PHP framework till now, so I have no clue on how to choose a PHP framework. Do you have some tips to help me choose the/a right PHP Framework?

I want a stable and secure PHP framework for Projects with about 400 hours development time. It should be possible to use the framework on Shared-Hosting-Webservers. I don’t need some AJAX support (I’m using extJS).
It would be nice if the framework supports Rapid Application Development
and object-relational mapping.

Also some of the standard-functions (Authentification, form validation) would
be nice. Caching would be a usefull, but isn’t needed.

Needs for a PHP framework:

  • Shared-Hosting-Webserver-Support
  • for Projects between 200 und 400 hours work
  • Developing Modell “Rapid Application Development” supported
  • object-relational mapping supported
    If possible:
  • Caching
  • Already finished Modules (e.g. Authentification, form validation, …)
  • Easy to learn

Which PHP framework is the right one I am seeking for?


Well I’ve heard codeigniter has the easiest learning curve, and it’s great for rapid application development. I can personally say I think it’s user guide is top notch, absolutely everything is documented with examples, it does have ORM libraries available.

However cakephp and zend are two of the other big contenders to my knowledge, I don’t know as much about them.

You’ll want to have a look at 16 PHP Frameworks To Consider For Your Next Project

I used 3 frameworks cakephp,codeigniter and YII.
The most I liked is YII.
You may look at the link of the previous post to see which fit your requirements