How to change permalink (URL Structure) of a with losing SERP?

Hello Friends,

I am looking out to change my permalink right now I had “sample name” in my permalink and I wanna attach “post ID” into my permalinks.But there are some techie guys out there who are suggesting to do not change permalink even if you know 301 redirect.

Kindly advice me proper steps need to be take further .

If you already have for your URLs I would also not recommend changing them to

  1. Because the /page-topic-name/ is better IMHO.
  2. If your URLs are indexed/linked to from other sites/peoples bookmarks you will lose them to 404 pages. :frowning:

Though, if you want to do it. You could add the following to your .htaccess file (assuming some things)

Redirect 301 /page-topic-name/

There might be an easier way to do them all without having to create one for every page.

Thanks for reply , But dude I want to use /page-topic-name/ + post id with our losing traffic and SERP. The purpose behind this is I want to include post in Google news

If you put a 301 redirect on all old URLs, sending people to the correct new page, then you are unlikely to see any significant drop or dip in your position in the search pages. There might be a slight temporary dip while the search engines rebuild their index and get used to your new structure, but even that often doesn’t happen. As long as all links continue to work at all times, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Is there any way where I can redirect all old URL’s to the new URL via 301 redirect.I have yoast seo plugin could we used it some way ?

Yes, look under the advanced tab in the yoast area of a page edit screen, there is an input for a 301 redirect. :slight_smile: