Wordpress seo (url's)

im trying to change the url of my categories from ?cat= to cat-name without changing the posts url unfortunately its not possible i have no other choice i must use permalinks, my site is 1 year old high ranked and im worry to ruin the position of the posts in google by changing the url from ?p= to post-name .
i need ur opinion


if you are already ranking well…mind me asking why you want to get your self in all this trouble and possibly losing rankings?

Anyway if you still insist, look after a “301 redirect wordpress plugin” , I don’t quiet remember well if it still works with the new version, but you can check it out (on a test install perhaps…). Other ways you will have to go manually and 301 redirect all of your posts/pages/categories/tags/archives etc etc…

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If your site is “high ranked” why do you feel you need to change the URL’s? If it isn’t broke there’s no need to fix it.

i agree with both of u this why im trying to change only the url of categories , they are not in high position in google and i think changing the url will get them up