How to change display name?

Hello SP!.

I need help. I want to change my display name. But I dun wanna change my username.

I just wanna display my name as Sonu instead of cools_sonu. How to do that ?

I’m not sure what you mean by your display name…

Hi, thanx for the quick reply.

I mean to say as my display name is my id cools_sonu, while your is HAWK.

So I wanna change my display name to Sonu. instead of cools_sonu.

There are no separate ‘display’ names here at SitePoint Forums. What is displayed is your username.

PM me if you want to change your username.

Thanx Autistic… for the clarification.

Thanx. But I dun wanna change. This is my id in all forums and on all sites.