How to become Expert in Adobe Photoshop?

I want to become Expert in Adobe Pbotoshop. I don’t know that how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Read, study, practice.

The best ways to learn Adobe Photoshop in my experience has been through practice. Read up on tutorials that interest you, that you believe you will need in future design work, such as creating a signature or avatar for a forum, for yourself and others. Take part in design competitions, although you may know your chances of winning are slim, your still actively designing and using your imagination and therefore improving your skills. Also, fiddle with every tool! One of the best ways to know how Photoshop works is by just messing around with it!

Good luck with mastering Adobe Photoshop!

Some good advice above and I think Ralph sums it up when he says 'read, study, practice.

Don’t expect to become an expert overnight -it takes time. You’ll always be learning. I’ve been using Photoshop for ten years and I regularly lean some new technique.

There is absolutely tons and tons of stuff online about PS so use that, watch the videos and practice, practice, practice.

Best of luck in your endeavours.



To master AP you’ll have to start at the very beginning with easy tutorials. A good site for beginners is Bio Rust–> :: Photoshop Tutorials. If you do these tutorials, you’ll be off to a good start.

Once you check out Bio Rust, visit sites like (Good-Tutorials - Photoshop Tutorials). Other good beginner sites are Tutorial Wiz ([url=]Photoshop Tutorials) and Photoshop Roadmap ([url=]Photoshop tutorials). Again, start with easy tutorials, then as you’re feeling more confident, start tackling more challenging tutorials.

If you feel yourself getting unmotivated from time to time, motivate yourself by looking at cool graphic effects you’ve seen, then Googling for tutorials on how to learn them. You’ll learn the fastest this way!

Hoped this helped and good luck! :slight_smile:

Study some tutorials, read some books about photoshop, and take the Adobe Certified Expert exam it’s only $150.

The best way to become an expert is to learn how the program works. You will find the best tutorials on, however you do need a paid subscription to access those training videos. Another alternative would be youtube, they are usually flooded with tutorials as well[URL=“”]

Ya the best way to learn is by practising it yourself and implementing it.