How to automate creating thousands of landing pages based on template

Fist of, I’m not a programmer and I might be using some of these terms incorrectly.

My goal is to have thousands of different landing pages on an site using Web Client Software Factory architecture. We’re using one template and each page will be populated with specific product data. I’d like the urls to look something like this:

How can I automate this? Any tips to point me in the right direction is appreciated.

That sounds like a product catalog – pretty basic database-driven website example. Just build a database with product IDs, build templates so the product data can be loaded and displayed and publish it.

You really don’t want to use the web client software factory for anything, especially anything this trivial.

That means if if build a template and join database with Product id, then i would get the Product id on the URL?Right?

use MVC. Then in your global asax add the following:
routes.MapRoute(“productRoute”, “{category}/{productID}”, new { controller = “YOUR_PRODUCT_CONTROLLER”, action = “YOUR_PRODUCT_DETAILS_ACTION” });