Programming to Rename URLs

We have recently re-launched our website in .aspx. One of new features is the capability to rename our URLs. We can do so either by uploading an excel spreadsheet or on a product-by-product basis via a page on the admin side.

Our current product pages end with something like /pdetails.aspx?subcatid=62&pid=13642. We want to end up with something like /our-product.aspx. Our programmer says that we cannot rename our URLs in batches. For example, we want rename some to /our-product.aspx, while others will remain /pdetails.aspx?subcatid=62&pid=13642 for the time being. He says they all have to renamed at the same time.

Does that sound right? Can anybody think of a way around this?

I’ve been thinking this over for a few days and in short, yes, you could actually do what you want to do. The big question becomes, is the cost of development time to do that worth it to the business? Or is it cheaper for the business to just rename everything at once?

Now part of me thinks you should be able to setup a rewrite rule that allows our-product.aspx to serve up pdetails.aspx. So you get the our-products.aspx in the URL but behind the scenes it is loading pdetails.aspx (so one page is serving two urls).

Then once all of the URLs are converted you should be able to just rename pdetails.aspx to our-product.aspx and remove the rewrite rule.

Hopefully this makes sense.

thanks cpradio. actually i have been talking to someone else about this and he had a response similar to yours. i get the idea of what you guys are talking about, i just hope i can properly explain it to our programmer!