How much should I expect to pay for a great banner?

I need two of them for my blogs. 900x200 roughly.

$25 worthwhile for most people?

I think the best way to find out what the prices for site banners are is to visit someplace where you can get one eg. the Marketplace

This question is really unanswerable, it all depends on what you want, how fast you want it, and who you get to do it.

Rather than have members get in trouble here for offering their services outside of the Marketplace, Thread Closed.

900x200 is a leaderboard? $25 per month is what I charge for a banner that size.

And traffic has a role because if it is an important website, with many visitors, let’s say couple of thousands per day; your banner’s visibility will be higher and so is the price. Is an equilibrum between your promotion and the number of people that see that advertise.

If the website doesn’t have too many visitors or is not on your direct target it will be cheaper, but your commercial won’t be seen by too many/right people.

My advice, if you don’t have too much money is to find a middle way, a website with not very many visitors, but targeted on your area of interest.

Before paying for the banner ask the website to give you a ratecard. It has information on traffic by day, weeks, month, where the banner is placed, how much does it cost etc.

Many factors can determine a price of banner. Main factor is traffic of your site. The other factors are location and size of banner. It’s hard to say $25 is worth or not.

I think you guys are talking about advertising banners. I’m talking about banners or a site logo.

It deserves a higher deal depending upon the banner placement and site PR.

How does traffic play a role?