How many hours you sleep a day?

First of all, i have to admit that i have sleeping problems. The real problem is that i always think too much. On average, i sleep 6 hours a day, do you think it little or much? I have dark cycles around my eyes. How much time you spend on sleep?

Hi! I usually sleep at an average of 8 hours. I get enough rest and always ready to go the following day.

However, when I was still schooling, I probably had 4-6 hours. I had to work on a lot of requirements, study every single subject, and attend to every academic demands of my schooling. Like you, I had dark circles in my eyes, looking a bit tired and stressed up, and had a lesser weight than normal. But my body got accustomed to the number of hours I slept back then. Just the dark circles won’t disappear. After schooling, I am able to sleep more number of hours that it gives me a more healthy look. Dark circles around my eyes are gone.

Sometimes, people just have those dark circles if they have those deep set eyes.

All I can say is that at times, you’ll need to ease up and take a breather. This would enable your body to rejuvenate. If 6 hours of sleep would cause you to be a bit tired with all those dark circles around your eyes, then perhaps, you might need more than 6 hours of sleep.

You can find ways to alleviate your sleeping problems like exercising after work in the pm, taking a hot shower before going to bed, reading a book before sleeping, and a lot more.

Six hours is less then me, but it should be enough. If you are having physical problems though, you’d better go see a doctor.

If you really feel tired and can’t perform well at work (or feel to tired to do your house chores or whatever) then definately you need some rest.

I normally sleep about 6-7 hours but I can do well with 4-5 and some other times I need 8.

Not everybody needs the same amount hours, and it also depends on the particular situation you are in and the work you do at a particular time. If you’re doing something physical but you’re not used to it, you’ll probably need more rest than you where doing your regular job.

If you do need more rest and can’t get it because you think too much, try some stress-relief techniques: practices some sports (sports release endorphines), take some yoga or tai-chi classes…

However long I like… one of the perks of being self employed… but it usually doesn’t end up being any longer than 8 hours.

i will sleep mare than 9 hours…

I envy you guys, recently i slept less, and my dark cycles are becoming larger. I look like a panda!

6 hours of sleep is not enough for me.Try not to think so much before sleeping.I’m having 8 hours of sleep.If your still having that problem,I think you need to consult your physician.

8 hours ~~how about you ?

7-8 hours per day, i always felt sleepy

5 to 6 hours only and i think it is because of too much thinking of someone.

I don’t tell exact time but 8 to 10 hours i can sleep.

Everybody should take 7 hours sleeping rest. after that they can feel better. if you have problem in sleeping then join the gym or do any exercise.


hi I am Aum.
I am sleep 8 hours a day. I don’t have any problem as like you told. I think you want more 1 hour to spend on sleep. It’s really good for you and your health.


I am sleep minimum 7 hours in a day.

I usually sleep after my work, roughly 6-8 hours.

LOL, 8-10 hours. I did read an article on how people in villages used to go to bed when the sun went down, then get up chat, visit, etc, then lay back down and go back to sleep. The item of your brain working when you want to be sleeping, this will sound odd, Barbara Schultze is a horse performance person, she helps people on performance problems. She talks about how to accept something then stay in the moment, so you can finish your performance. If you combine the two, you get a wake up, accept, allow yourself that time, then stay in the moment and go back to sleep :slight_smile:

I sleep around about 7/8hours a day.

I’d be lucky to clock 6 per night. No wonder I have eyebags (chuckle)

5-7 usually.