How many hours you sleep a day?

8 hours miniumum, if u sleep 8 hours a day . then you will fell healthy throught out the day.

I sleep for around 5-6 hours. But, I always feel the need to take power naps after lunch just to help me get recharged. If I can’t, I will always feel sleepy in the afternoon.

I think ,i sleep 7 hours in a day.

Dear friends,
your problem is sleeping problems.but 6 hour is sufficient for night sleep. but you told that your eye have around a darkcycles. you increased 2 hours . it means you can total time spend in night (8 to 8) hours easily.
but you asked a good quation and you take some Medición and by.

i am a sleepy girl… i have craze about sleeping… i am normally daily 10 to 12 hours sleep but its very short time for me…

7-8 hours i sleep.

Now it is autumn, my slelping time is getting fewer, sleep at 23:00 and get up at 06:00

6-7 hours daily.

I sleep for 7 hours a day. Been following this schedule strictly for a long time now and i have noticed that whether i will feel sleepy throughout the day or not depends upon the type of activity i do…

Hi lately I have been getting 6 hours per day. I feel like crap, I don’t know how people can get by with even less!!!

i sleep a day 8 hours daily…

I think ,i sleep 8 hours in a day.