How long will it take to learn ASP.NET & C#

I have 2 years experience of working as a web developer with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I did some basic C and C++ programming when I was at university (a long time ago)

How long will it take me to learn ASP.NET?
I need be be able to programm in C# and read VB.NET code.

I have no previous experience with these technologies.
I can learn about 30h a week. (self teaching with books)

How long will it take me bevor I can do some serious work?

in 2 weeks you will be able to write a nice program already, the thing is, it is rather easy to learn. The hardest part is to learn how to write good OO-code, but you possibly do that in PHP too.

2 weeks seems to be a bit on the low end. (?)
I need to be able to do real work afterwards…

with 30 hrs a week, I think 2 weeks is a reasonable estimate to be able to do work afterwards. It’s not too hard if you’ve got a background in development already. Just some syntax and getting your way around VS.NET (you are using Visual Studio or an IDE right ?)

I came from a C++ background and learned .NET in less than 2 weeks, ok, they were rather intensive, but I could start my first serious project.

And it’s true that even now over one year later I still learn stuff, but isn’t that always?

Get Zak’s book from sitepoint. If you go through that book, you should be sorted. It shouldnt take to long.

It takes me 2 weeks to become familiar with (using VS.NET), but still I can’t write program on notepad.But it will take months and 3-4 small project to become good in that.


While you are studying, make sure you are doing small apps as well. I have to agree w/momos and drochili here. If you’ve got 30 hours, 2 weeks will get you the basic understanding of .NET, get you familiar with the libraries, teach you c# syntax. You will find ever after you’ve been programming for a year in C#, you will still reference a book or website periodically. It really depends on the apps you want to work on.

What kind of app would you like to develop? If y ou tell us that, we may be able to give you a better time estimate. For me, the quickest way to learn is to just dive in. I realize everyone is different though.

Also, once you know C#, you should be able to understand pretty easily. It’s just a matter of different synatx; the libraries and a lot of the functions will be the same.

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