More important to learn ASP.NET or improve existing programming skills?

I graduated from university a few years ago, but did not use programming much. However, I am now looking for full-time or internship programmer positions. I have some experience with C++ and worked on a few projects. However, I haven’t been able to do well on the interviews testing my programming skills. I eventually want to learn ASP.NET as well but I also want a job ASAP. I hear it can take a few weeks or a month to learn ASP.NET with existing C++ skills. Since I want a job asap, would you guys recommend I continue to improve my C++ skills right now and learn ASP.NET later or if I just start learning ASP.NET right now?

Good question, I guess it depends where you want to go with your programming career. Do you want to get out of C++ development and more into web technologies or desktop applications using the .NET framework, or do you really enjoy the C++ side of things and would like to stay there?

If you really want to get into .NET, I strongly suggest the MCAD books, not only will it help you learn, but it will give you the knowledge you will need for interviews and you can take the examination to become certified which will boost your resume/cv.

I agree with cpradio, that it all depends on your trend. I would suggest that you master C & C++ so that your OOP concepts and basic programming skills are perfect. These days, web technologies are finding more preference over desktop or console applications, so you go for ASP.NET technology once you are through c, c++.

I’m interested in traveling and would like to work remotely, whether it be at home or elsewhere. I would also consider working in a foreign branch of a company. I heard that its much easier to be able to work remotely as a web developer. So that’s why I want to learn .NET eventually

The working remotely depends on the company you work for. The first company I worked for had a strict “No working remotely” policy (too many people abused it when they attempted it). The job I have now, gladly lets their employees and contractors work remotely (as needed; they still prefer you to be in the office every once in the while).

If you really want to learn .NET, the MCAD books are the best route (in my opinion), they will help you learn and understand .NET, and they will prepare you for the MCAD/MCSD exams that show you know your .NET knowledge (will definitely help land a .NET position).

Best of luck to you, and if you do get a chance to get the books and you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

The accumulation of knowledge is invaluable, however, deciding how and when to learn certain things must be guided by the needs of the tasks at hand, as well as the capabilities of the learnee. This extends to other life areas as well. I wish I could make a more specific comment on this, but I find the answer is just too personal a thing. My suggestion is to evaluate what you need to learn vs what you will learn with each avenue. Pick the one the most closely provides what your career goals require.

I suggest you to improve your C++ skills. As you want to take job in ASAP, it would be better that you improve in C++, because it help you in