How long has been around?

I justed wanted to know how long has has been around for? was Created on [B]Oct. 04, 1999[/B] and Expires on [B]Oct. 04, 2019[/B]

Though it existed as before that.

Wow, that is quite impressive. Sounds like sitepoint has been around in one form or another since the start of the world wide web as we know it.

have you guys ever heard of the “About” page that most web sites have?

guess what, sitepoint has one too –

check out the history timeline down the right side


a young upstart named Mark Harbottle completes his Computer Systems Engineering degree and joins Sausage Software

I remember those guys, Hotdog HTML Editor! haha :lol:

PS: Here’s the original SitePoint homepage (fear the source code!):

oh god, old webpages scare me. I think back then a site like that was “decent”. Now everyone can create a great looking slick site using jQuery and Wordpress. jQuery does some wonderful sliding animations and wordpress comes with some great free and premium templates for blog style content.