How is this done?

I really like this:

At the top below the header navigation links you have image and text. You click the arrow buttons and the image and text smoothly slides along towards the next image and text. I have seen on some websites (however I cannot find an example) where it slides along automatically. What is this called? Are there any tutorials?


There are lots of those around, often called a “Slider” or “carousel”. They are powered by JavaScript, most commonly (these days) by a JavaScript library called jQuery. The one on that page you linked to is from here:

It’s free to download, and there are instructions for how to use it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: ah yes, there are others the slide automatically, and that one itself might have a setting to scroll automatically. One I know of that does have that auto option is Chris Coyier’s Anything Slider.

EDIT 2: Yes, bxslider has a lot of nice, easy to set options, such as auto play. See this page: