Creating a facebook account for business

Do I have to sign up an account as an individual first?
I see there is the option to set up a page for a business as well- sorry bit confused as to the best way to get


This might be helpful: :shifty:

This is really amazing… I knew about creating a business account, but i don’t have an idea of how does it really work… Can you give me some information.?? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you will have to sign up for an individual account first. Then you can create a page for your business. You will not get the domain extension /yourbusinessname until you have 25 fans for your business page.

did not know that you needed a certain “likes” for your business page to get the domain extention - learning something new each day :slight_smile: Can you make several business pages connected to one personal page ?

And don’t forget to link all your pages ad add some helpful and interesting info

I didn’t know either. And I just had someone asking me about this the other day. Now I have a knowledgeable answer for them. :slight_smile:

Things change very quickly in Facebook: now you can not have a custom domain for fan pages regardless of the number of fans