How I can reduce to the speed of my website?

We create a website and it is simple website that helps consumers in resolving their complaints.

Our current loading speed is 7.2sec and how i can make it better and what is the best speed for website and google seach engine optimization.

Can you please help me?

Welcome to the forums, @garimapathakit.

There are various sites such as which will test the loading time of your page and give you suggestions for improving it. I would recommend you do that, and if you are unsure how to implement a specific recommendation, come back and post a new question about that issue.

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You can also look at the network tab in the browser dev tools to see what is slowing the page down. Most likely you have images that are too big.


Hi, we recommend GTmetrix which is a freemium ware to analyse your site to determine its speed. Go through each item in their analysis one by one to see what you can do to improve your sitespeed. It often comes down to having proper caching, image optimisation, script optimisation, having a CDN etc. While you could do all this, understand two things;

  1. Site speed is ultimately heavily due to the web host. If you got a shared host, it is always going to be slower compared to dedicated or cloud host.
  2. Dont be concerned too much about measurements with any tools. If your site is running fine and able to load from 3-5s, it is not that bad for viewing to be frank. The only concern here would be SEO for search engines which might rank your site lower. Unless you have a ecommerce or media site, actually it doesnt have to be found by search engines.

(who’s “we”?)

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My site load time is too high can any one help me to solve this problem

Welcome to the forums, @Erikbrown.

I’ve moved your post because, as you can see, the same question was asked and answered very recently.


Pagespeed tells you how to fix the problems, @Erikbrown. If you tell us which one(s) you don’t understand perhaps someone here can help you.


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