How i can improve my english?

I am not good in speaking english,i am get hesitate while speaking.I want to improe my english.please tell me the best way to speak british english.

listening to music while doing something else can help a little for things like getting used to the natural rhythm and tone of English speech

You get some information from the following sites

Read newspaper daily. Surely this will work for you.

Broaden your vocabulary, read articles, news and books. Try to write articles too and have them proofread by someone who is fluent in English and see your errors. This is what I do now.

just start watching english movies in the channels like Star movies,HBO, AXM,movies now and read english books,and try to speak in english with everyone this is enough to improve your skill in english.

Read newspaper or magazine in front of a mirror and say loudly what you read. This is really helpful.

We’ve had a thread on this topic very recently - New resource for learning English. Please do look through recent discussions or use the search feature before asking a question if you think other people might have asked it before.