How Edit H1 tags on Blogger


I just need to know how and where to put H1 tag on my blog.

I find this on my blogs edit html

<h1 class=‘title’ style=‘background: transparent; border-width: 0px’>
<b:include name=‘title’/>
<b:include name=‘description’/>
<!–No header image –>
<div id=‘header-inner’>
<div class=‘titlewrapper’>
<h1 class=‘title’>
<b:include name=‘title’/>

When I use a SEO tool it says my H1 tags are missing. so I want to put " Go4Pix - Funniest Creepiest Coolest" for H1 tag. How do I do it. Most of the articles says to change h3 to h1. but I got so many h3 tags with my posts titles.

Hoping for a detailed answer. My Blog is


View-source shows

<div class='imageElement'>
<h1>Go4Pix - Funniest Creepiest Coolest</h1>
<p>Cool Pix Amazing Funny Cool Wired Dangerous Attractive Pictures and Events.</p>
<a class='open' href='' title='Go4Pix'></a>
<img alt='' class='full' src=''/>

You fixed this? Else your SEO tool is wrong.
Of course having 502 Errors and 476 Warnings probably isn’t helping

I Found a solution for h1 tags and fix it. Thanks.

How do i fix these 502 Errors and 476 Warnings. I am not an expert.

When you get those sort of errors it is usually a good idea to google search them, for the 502 for example
it would simply seems to mean that the servers are overloaded. Or “different servers involved in loading a web page (or other task) are not able to communicate” & if it is on the web it must be true.

That being said…along w/blogger you may also want to experiment w/other platforms like wordpress. They are most easy to customize and style. I started w/blogger and still have it. I like how it is integrated w/google and gplus but customizing it and styling is pretty limited or downright painful.


That’s 502 validation errors
not an HTTP 502 server error

Don’t get too upset by the number of them, they often “cascade” and fixing one will fix several more.
The validator gives “best guess” fixes. Any in particular you don’t understand?