How does Google treat singular/plural searches against Exact Match Domains?

I hope this isn’t too confusing…

I am trying to make a choice between using a [keywords].net or a [keywords].com for a new site. Let me give you the Keyword Tool search traffic stats. I’m going to make up a domain name for the example: 880/month exact search of [free widget] -singular 5400/month exact search of [free widgets] - plural

I do know that .net and .org receive the same Exact Match Domain bonus from Google. All other things being equal, a .net and a .org will perform the same as a .com. I got this direct from Aaron Wall when I was on SEObook, and have also proved it to myself.

But here’s my question: Notice the the .com is singular and the .net is plural. Even though the search numbers (from Adwords keyword tool) are dramatically different, I am wondering if Google does not distinguish between plural and singular–in other words, does Google treat a singular as if one searched for a plural and vice-versa. If that is the case, then the .com would actually grab as much exact match search traffic as the .net would, even though the singular is searched MUCH less.

Can anyone fill me in on how this works? Which domain would you choose to use, or, given the search traffic I indicated above?

My 2 cents; use as your main domain then use as a supporting site for your main site.

I’d go with the higher traffic as it is 6x more than the other. I have a client who ranks #1 for a singular word. He gets traffic. For the plural of that same word, no traffic. You have to target the word(s) your going for to rank.