How do you keep elemnts of multiple SPANs on the same line


See this page:

we would like the letters in: Open Customize Window
to stay in the same line. And when clicked then it becomes: Close Customize Window
to stay in the same line too. We have tried
style=“display: inline;”
but it did not help.
What can we do to get these Words to stay in same line?


Currently you’ve got the following style set on the first of the two span tags {
    display: block;

If you remove that rule, it should default back to display: inline;

Ok, Chris. Thanks.
I tell you, I hate CSS :slight_smile:
I mean I can handle logic fine in Java, PhP, MYSQL, Linux, etc. OK but the logic of CSS so many times gives me headache :slight_smile:

This is where right clicking on ‘Inspect Element’ is invaluable. So many times it tells you exactly what is being applied to a problem element, and where the source of the problem. Sometimes a User Agent Stylesheet, sometimes, an imported file (Bootstrap for instance), or your own CSS creation. 99 out of a hundred, you’ll find the problem source staring you in the face.


Thanks Chris, I wish it was that Easy :frowning:

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