How do you find blogs that allow you to add your link

Many of my competitors have purchased links on popular blogs. I need to know an easy way to find (or a compiled list) of blogs that offer space for text links.

And what do you search for to find them?

You’re failing to account for site ‘Authority’ which is a massively important ranking signal. I’ll take a non-relevant link from a high authority site over a relevant link from a 0 PR site any day.

I always search on Google to find do-follow blogs that have high PR.

Given that you’ve put this in the SEO forum, I assume the reason you’re asking about it is to improve your ranking in search engines rather than any other reason.

In which case, the answer is “don’t bother”.

Any links that you pay for must be marked as “nofollow”, in which case search engines will ignore them and you will get nothing from them.

You’ve not mentioned what general topic or field you’re looking for, which suggests you just want to indiscriminately spam every blog you can find. Spammers aren’t nice people, you don’t want to be one of them.

Google determines what a site is about (in part) by the context of the links pointing to it. If you have links from a wide and diverse range of subjects, from tropical fish to Alaskan farming methods to forums about the latest TV programme, Google isn’t going to know what to make of your site, so you’re unlikely to get any improvement in your rankings.

Even if you did go for a more targeted approach, it’s still unlikely to have much impact. Most reputable blogs and forums (including Sitepoint) make all their outbound links “nofollow”, precisely to discourage this kind of spamming, so you won’t get any benefit from them. Most blogs and forums that don’t make their links “nofollow” will either have so many million outbound links that you won’t get more than an atom of goodness from the link, or they will be “bad neighbourhoods”, and your site will be tainted by association.

A better strategy is to find websites that are relevant to yours, and ask for ‘editorial’ links to your site - ie, ones that can only be added by the webmaster/editor/author, and so there can be some level of trust that they are only adding worthwhile links.

Use the different queries with combination of your keywords to find blogs. like “web design blog US+comments”. And give the strong comments with your link.

Finding actual do-follow blogs can be a huge hassle. I find that most lists are outdated and contain blogs that have gone the “nofollow” route.

It would be better to find a SEO company that does this, and get them to do it for you. Hmmm, is that cheating.

Here is the thing: You are not supposed to buy links, right? But what if you hire a SEO company to acquire you links. Are you not actually then “buying” those links.

A million shades of grey, isn’t it?

its against google to buy and sell links that pass PR… which means its in dofollow… its too risky so I’m not suggesting it if you want to gather dofollow links… by the way you can try google toolbar its has blog search feature…

Try this -

type into google search- site: (with a space between : and the competitor url) and see what’s linking to them

Then go down the results and see if you can get a link with those websites as well. Some of them may allow you to submit a url or at least an article which will give you a backlink.

Good luck.

Using relevant sites is assumed - and I did mention that my competitors (ones in top 10 of major serps) appear there - so that was the model I was using for this. My question really was - how are they finding these blogs or sites where they can have their link appear?

I would recommend you a quality affiliate program can find you websites/blogs that allow you to add your link. In the process of affiliate recruitment, you can collect big list of contacts of web owners. Later you need to segregate them according to your choice of business and manually contact them explaining your business. More information on affiliate recruitment is available all around the net!

I generally search in Google with different key phrases like do follow blogs related to the niche in which I need…I get some of them not all do follow but some…

Try commenting on some dofollow blogs and you will gain some backlinks. This is also a great way for building links.

create a micro blog that is linking back to your site. do a link wheel, squidoo, blogger, scribd and many more

Google recommend that you add nofollow, but you don’t have to. There is no “must” about it. Find out what the risks of buying links are and then make your choice.

The OP simply wants to find blogs that offer space for text links. It’s a fair question. One place they can look is Sitepoint’s very own Advertising Space For Sale forum. Other big names are [URL=“”]buysellads and [URL=“”]text link ads.

I don’t believe that anyone suggested getting links from a wide and diverse range of subjects. Stevie makes a good point though - only buy your links from related sites.

The OP wants to buy a text link. Discouragement of spamming is not necessary as the seller and buyer of the link reach an agreement before the link gets placed.

Stevie, come on, anybody knows link are being bought like mad and without some authority links bought you stand no chance to competitors. :slight_smile:
OP, try to buy links only on related websites, with lower number of OBL. If you can buy blogposts, those are good also.

Stevie D is on the money. Another (not easy) approach is to consider offering useful, relevant content to other popular blogs, such as guest posts, tutorials or how-tos. Showing a bit of thought leadership and contributing to the common good will reflect much better on you and your brand in the long term.