How do I solve my domain name search issue?

Google search issue!
When I am going to search my domain name “teqizer” in google search box always google suggests to me “techizer”. Google shows this massage “Did you mean: techizer”. I want to google read my domain “teqizer” and stop their suggestions “techizer”.
Please guide me how to solve this problem as early as possible.

Tbh, I would think you should use google ads, so that they would recognize your domain. Boost your domains traffic too, and then at the beginning it still might suggest you techizer, but it will still find your domain.

This is not really a problem that is ‘solved’, certainly not quickly, to my knowledge.

Your domain name is sufficiently close to an actual word in google’s dictionary (specifically from the looks of it, a company name), that it tries to help people find the ‘correct’ spelling. The only way (that i know of, anyway) to counteract this is for your site to be large enough to warrant its own inclusion in google’s search lexicon.

For what it’s worth, when I google the word ‘teqizer’, it doesnt try and correct the spelling.

Seems to me that when a domain name is a misspelling of another, the obvious solution is:
Don’t Do That ™

I get

Have you considered trying the “Report inappropriate predictions” ?

I would be more concerned about getting into a cease and desist lawsuit than SEO but that’s me.

Reminds me of…

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Firstly, if your issue is so why is your user name techizer not teqizer. Some trick to get clicks from this community.
Also what you can do is add misspelled domain to google search console.

No don’t. It is more likely to get you banned than anything else.