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I recently acquired a new client and decided to register a free staging site gekko-domainName.tld. The domain name was the same as the customer’s site apart from the TLD extension. It is handy having a shared staging server because there is nearly always a niggling problem after uploading the source and the online site does not do what one desires :frowning:

I registered the domain, setup the server, uploaded files, waited until the server name had propagated, setup a free SSL certificate, tested the online staging version all without any problems.

Next morning I tried to open https://gecko-domainName.tld and could not connect to the server!!

Tried the http version and got the same result. Checked the Apache2 access and error logs and there were no new entries. Used FileZilla to check the online files and they were all intact. Simplified the index.php and called just an echo __file__; die; and still got nothing. Added a very simple index.html file and still got nothing! Checked numerous other options until I realised that I was trying to open another domain because I had spelt gekko incorrectly!

Has anyone else had similar problems that resulted in feeling like kicking yourself?


I’ve often felt the need to flog myself with wet spaghetti, but not for that reason. :shifty:


Frequently! redface

Such as the day I couldn’t work out why none of my changes were showing - until I realised that while I was working on the local copy of the file, I was refreshing the “live” site to see the effects. banghead

(That was the last time I kept both open in adjacent tabs. wink)


Yes Jhon, for me tehy are a dilay ocrucnece, I clal tehm “Barin Frats”. :rofl:



Yes sometimes I feel like a right div but then it should have been a left one instead :slight_smile:


“We’ll be edgy. We’ll spell our stuff THIS way!”

Yup. Never ever comes around to bite someone in the ***, that. :wink:


I’ve done that in the past! :rofl:

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