How do I override the navbar color for the navbar? Also how do I fix a whitespace margin on the right space?

I want to change the navbar to transparent for the navbar at the very top of the homepage. How do I do that?

THere also appears to be a white space on the right side of the website when viewed on the mobile.

To change the background-color of the navbar from red to transparent, change this style:

style.css (lines 229 and 197)

.navbar-default {background-color:transparent;}  /* Changed from {background-color: #ed5345;}

Be aware that the background-color is set in 3 locations, the two that I gave you override bootstrap’s default white.

Someone else will have to help with the mobile view with the white line. I do not see it in FF on the desktop.

I just need to change the color for the top navigation menu bar on the home page with the image. I’m keeping the red for the second navigation down below. If I changed .navbar-default to transparent, the second navigation will be transparent and thats not what I want.

That’s not what I see. The bottom navbar remains red because the background-color for it is set in

style.css (line 5639)

#footer {
    background-color: #ed5345;

THats the footer. The footer is red. Thats not the navbar. Do you see two navbar? One at the homepage with the with the image of the phone. THe second navbar is just right below??

I need to override the navigation at the top and keep the second navigation as red which is located where the phoe is being cut off. Not the footer


I see it now. Sorry. Can I have another chance?

haha its ok! yes you may have another go at it! I thought I did something strange with it. lol

Well, you did, but that might work out in your favor

At this moment, there are two section tags named #navigation, see HTML lines 32 and 116. There should only be one. You can give the second one a different idName, maybe #navigation2, and use #navigation to target the the first navbar only.

Then to target the first navbar only,

#navigation navbar-default {

I don’t see any #navigaion styles in the inspector, so I think it ought to work. fingers crossed

it does! thank you so much!

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