How do I get google to recognize my images as CCO

In google image search, there are advanced option to search for images only with certain licenses. The most leniant option is “can use commercially with modifications”. I noticed images from wikimedia and some other sites likes images appear in that search. Does anyone know how I can tell google that the images on my site are CCO? Anyone know the link to the specific google forum where I can ask?

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You can upload them to Flickr and set the license type desired. Google does index Flicker and it does pick up on what license you have assigned to the image.

CC0 images can be used by anyone, for any purpose, even altered to remove any sort of branding you may have added to them, even used with some other company’s branding replacing yours…without any credit to you at all.

CC0 basically means you are not reserving any rights to yourself, none at all. You are basically giving it away with no strings attached, and anyone that uses the image can even claim they made it themselves, all without violating a CC0 license.

Please be sure this is really what you want before assigning that type of license to any of your images, because once you assign it, it’s forever. You can’t change your mind and apply a different, more restrictive license to it later on.

If you want to require credit to you or a link back to your site, then perhaps consider CC-BY, instead. It will still allow people to alter it and/or use it commercially, and basically do anything to it that they want and use it for any purposes, but with 1 small restriction…they will have to give you credit as the creator, in the manner in which you specify.

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I think your Misunderstanding me, I don’t want Google to spider and link to recognize my photos on flikr, I want google to recognize the photos on my site as CC0. I want the search traffic myself, not give it to Flikr.

You will have to upload your images somewhere that is considered an authority site for images, that Google recognizes as such, a site that allows one to select a license type. Then and only then will Google recognize the image itself as being CC-0, because Flickr says it is

And then Google will recognize that image as CC-0, no matter what site it appears on, including your own.

Now, think like a searcher…

Which would you rather have…the smaller version hosted on Flickr? Or a version twice the size, available on the artist’s site? Both are the same image and Google recognizes them as such.

Yup, upload a smaller version to Flickr, link to your site in the description on Flickr pointing to where one can get the larger version.

Now, even if the traffic does end up being sent to Flickr, it will still end up at your site any way, where you are giving away the better version. :wink:

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This actually doesn’t work very well, the Click thru rate is actually quite poor.
I’ve seen some small non-authoratative sites show up on there as well so you don’t have to be Flikr or someone large to show up on the search. I think most of them have that CCO link Near the actual image.

I have not been through this process, but there is a tool at the bottom of this page “Apply CCO to your own work”, to generate html with embedded metadata.
You can also link to a license url in structured data.
I also found this article about adding license info to image metadata.

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