How do I get Dreamweaver to show PHP in HTML document?

all my files are .html.
How do i get dreamweaver to show PHP includes?

I have installed MAMP on my computer but not sure how to fix this.

on my online webserver i use an .htaccess to fix the issue. what do i do on my local server so I can see my PHP includes in dreamweaver?

It’s been along time since I did that with Dreamweaver (I no longer use it). However, I think you have to look at the config files and can’t do it from within Dreamweaver itself.

I think there is a file called Extensions.txt, if I remember right, that holds that data. Bascially, it says which extensions to process as which type of pages. It might be, MMDocumentTypes.xml, though.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but hopefully that will get you started.

i need to fix this. previewing in browser is cool but rather see it in design view.

Just to be clear, Dreamweaver won’t actually process the PHP. It will just display it with coloring, formatting, etc. Also, in design view it will show you the variables, but it won’t show you the RESULT of the variables or any of the finished product.