Php in dreamweaver

I am developing using dreamweaver. I have set up wampserver as a local host. Any program that uses php, ( a simple one which just echos “hello”) will not execute either from an html extension or php extenstion. Oddly, the php extension returns me to dreamweaver. Help will be appreciated.

It sounds like those file extensions have been associated with Dreamweaver, so that’s what they open in. You will have to do a bit of digging and re-associate them with the correct application - definitely your preferred browser for the HTML, PHP I’m less sure about.

It is usual for php files to be associated with the editor. With Wamp you may typically view the pages by browsing a virtual host.
localhost in your bowser should display the Wampserver homepage, where you should find links to your virtual hosts.

How are you trying to execute your file? I assume you’re opening it in your browser? You need to enter the URL as http://localhost/helloworld.php (or whatever you have called it). Just double-clicking on the file will (most likely) open it in Dw.

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I haven’t used DW in a while, but I know there’s a way to setup the server that points to the local server (in your case Wamp). Though like Gandalf already stated you going to have to open (I know Dreamweaver will do this also) the URL pointing to the proper URL (localhost) in your browser NOT DW itself.

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