How do i change my IP

Anybody know how to hide static IP?

Why you got a static IP if you want to hide it? Take a dynamic will be better for you. I really don’t understand the purpose. You cane hide it with proxies but real good scripts can get your real IP.

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You can use foxy proxy add on for changeing IP adress!!!

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have downloaded a free version of <snip> software.

Once again thanks for your time.

Fixed that for you.

In general, this is true. Never trust shady organizations with installing software on your computer that offer things for free. You should probably do a complete format now, I would.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to change your IP and if you really want to change your IP, then use a paid VPN service. They are fairly cheap and well worth the price. I pay about $40/yr for mine.

Here is a fairly recent article:

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