How do I add images to my blog roll?

Hello everyone I am a web designer but I am new to WordPress, I am having trouble adding images to my blog roll, I tried to use a few different plug ins but I could not get it to work. I would appreciate any feedback I can get on this, thanks in advance. My website is

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It looks like images are appearing in the blog posts, so I’m puzzled by the question. Could you tell us what plugins you’ve tried and point to a specific page where you’re seeing the issue?

Hi @chrisofarabia, thanks for the response. If you read the question again you will see that I said I was trying to get the images to show up in the blog roll I didn’t say the blog post. The blog roll is at the bottom of the home page there is only text there are no images there. I’ve seen some other blogs which have thumbnail images in the blog roll that’s what I was referring to, not the blog post.

Can you post one as an example that you also believe is using WordPress?

Thanks for the response cpradio this is an example of what I was referring to

I’m not seeing any blogroll with images there. Where exactly?

Thanks for the response Mittineague if you scroll down the page where it says “RECENT ARTICLES” on the left below that text there is a blog roll with pictures, that’s what I want on my site.

Ah, that isn’t what I’d call a blogroll. That’s what I’d call a series of blog posts.

Whatever you did for “THE EVOLUTION OF CELL PHONES” doesn’t work for the other of your blogs posts?

If not, you will likely need to change the template file so that whatever it’s doing for the first does similar for the others. I’m guessing the template does them differently because having them could make things a bit crowded.

That’s not a blog roll…? Okay well I’m still relatively new to WordPress I saw it and I thought it was a blog roll. The Evolution of cell phones section is static text so it’s different. But thanks for your explanation though.

Are you talking about ‘featured images’ as opposed to the images you just add to your post content?

I am referring to images that appear in the snippet of the blog roll. However, Mittineague informed me that what I thought was a blog roll is not a blog roll after all.

You mean the images that appear with the excerpts? That is usually the featured image. If your theme has featured images enabled, then when you are in the edit screen for the post, down at the bottom of the right sidebar below the categories there is a place where you can set the featured image. Is that what you are looking for?

A blogroll is usually a set of links to various posts.

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That’s what I was referring to I have tried some plug ins that claim to do this but it didn’t work for me. So I thought this could be accomplished with any theme, so I may have to choose a different theme to accomplish this?

Do you see any mention of featured image on the right hand side of the edit post section in the dashboard? It should be near the bottom.

You shouldn’t need to use a plugin.


I see it, thanks for your help, I appreciate it, I will try this.

Let us know if it solves the problem you are experiencing

Thanks for all the help, I actually got it to work but when I clicked on it to go to the blog post that image was the first thing that appeared at the top of the page. Is there a way to prevent this from happening, it ruins the layout and design of the site so I removed it.

Can you provide a screenshot or throw it up so we can see it? I have a feeling you will have to alter a wordpress template for your theme to prevent it from showing that image on the article itself.

I think you asking about slider with 2 - 3 images which is moving around the upper portion.