How do I add images to my blog roll?

It only shows up whenever I add a featured image, is there a way for me to add a featured image and prevent it from showing up?

Check the settings that are provided with your theme. Sometimes there are options to turn off features like this slideshow.

I looked but I couldn’t find anything, there was only one reference to the slider that gave me the ability to turn it on or off but that was referring to the front page and I already had it turned off. There is no mention of a a slideshow, or a slider anywhere else.

As a last resort (not the best solution), you could check “View page source” and figure out what element is used for that large image. Then in your CSS add display: none as a style for that element.

I didn’t see an answer to this question, so I will ask…what plugin are you using? What you are describing is a slider. The best WP slider that I know if is Soliloquy. Some of the others have some issues. And what theme are you working with? The theme does make a difference when it comes to features.

Check out Soliloquy for WP though and see if it can be implemented on your current theme before considering switching themes.

I am not using any plugins for this at the moment, I had tried a few different plugins a couple weeks ago in an attempt to get the images to show up in my blog roll. However, I do not want a slider, I would like to be able to use the featured image feature without having the featured image appear at the top of the page when I click on it.

Thanks but I don’t know enough CSS to do this.

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