How come the BIG GUNS ignore Web Standards & Validation

Just validated > over 300 CSS errors !!!

Ok I like to think I am mindful and diligent of web standards. I prefer to handcode HTML / CSS. It’s makes me very warm to see the GREEN PASS from the W3C Validator!
What makes me annoyed is that my carefully crafted website breaks W3C validation when I insert very well-known and badly written 3rd party widgets from the people who should know better.

I am working on a new site all is well (Green Pass for HTML & CSS) until I insert Google’s Translate Widget and ShareThis Social Widget (and others in the past). Why do these BIG GUNs in the web dev’ world have such a cavalier approach to coding… clearly they have no quality or testing control for web standards. Should they not be leading the Pack on these things (even if they are free) ?

… very sloppy - hang your heads in shame !!

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Though validation is nice, it’s irrelevant if the code “works” in browsers. In the real world, what counts is that the code works—and it will work if browsers allow it to. Validation is about what browsers theoretically should or shouldn’t allow.

Many people just don’t care if code is valid. People will specifically code stuff that is invalid ,such as wrapping anchors around <div>'s to achieve a certain effect. It’s not that they don’t care it’s invalid (which may be hte case), it’s just that they get results, and unless something breaks on their page, it means little to them.

It’s a shame really but there’s not much we can do about it :). It’s THEIR website.